The FIDIC YPMT Programme

Welcome to the FIDIC Young Professionals Management Training Programme – a seven months online management course for future leaders in the consulting engineering industry and similar technology based firms.



All you need to know

The 7 months course has two main elements:  an online part where participants work in their office or at home using the online platform for communication, and a conference part where all participants meet for a 5-day intensive face to face training and mentoring prior to the annual FIDIC conference in September. The course is based on FIDIC principles and document standards. The basic textbook is the FIDIC Guide to Practice; its electronic version is provided to the participants.

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The Online Sessions
YPMTP 2019 starts on 18th of February 2019 with 7 months of online sessions where different ideas based on a real life cases are discussed. Lectures by the YPMTP mentors are presented as well. 

On a monthly basis participants meet in a online 1-2 hours classroom and present their findings and conclusions about the case work. The average time input of the programme is approximately 100 hours.

The discussions take place on a chat like platform. All discussions, lectures and classroom sessions are recorded and saved, and may be accessed at any time during the course.

A Certificate of Successful Completion is related to the online part only and requires having responded to all case questions and attended at least half the sessions. A Certificate of Participation requires having contributed to at least half the case discussions and attended at least half the sessions.

The Conference Session and Future Leaders Workshop
The final 5-day session involves further lectures and discussions with Mentors and among the students. Intercultural exchange based on some 30 nationalities getting together and representing a variety of approaches to the discussed management issues. An important element is the networking being the basis for future international cooperation as consultants.

The final assignment is a plenary presentation at the FIDIC conference of the team’s perception of their challenges as future leaders in the consulting industry: The Future Leaders Workshop. 
The 2018 presentation is found here

International Networking
Almost 60 countries have participated in the course since 2004, linking up in the FIDIC Young Professionals Forum, YPF

Optional Exam
The YPMTP offers an optional exam based on a multiple choice test. This takes place at the conference session. Passing the exam will provide a Certificate enabling to claim educational points in relation to any required professional accreditation.

Online Registration: Link to registration

The 2019 FIDIC conference takes place in Mexico City. The YPMTP sessions run 3rd to 8th September, the FIDIC Conference commences the 8th evening and ends the 10th.

Additional information: FIDIC YPMTP Coordinator, Steen Frederiksen: Steen Email


Based on 3 case modules

The programme is based on real life cases. For each case a mentor is appointed. The case work takes place over the seven months teaching and training period. Participants meet together with the mentors at the location of the FIDIC annual conference, for 5 days of further lectures and discussions culminating in the preparation of the their plenary presentation at the “Future Leaders’ Workshop”.



Case 1


Including themes like:

  • Starting a company

  • Growing the company

  • Ownership structures

  • Attracting staff

  • Merger and acquisition


Case 2

Marketing and Business Development

Including themes like:

  • Marketing

  • Financial management

  • Quality management

  • Risk management

  • Client relationship and communication





Business consolidation

Including themes like:

  • Sustainable development

  • Business integrity management