Musinguzi Begumisa, Consultant at Gauff Consultants Ltd, Uganda


My YPMTP experience

"I joined the YPMTP in 2012. It was run on the Podio platform which turned out to be a very interactive and useful tool for us to share information. We were grouped into three teams according to our time zones. The program was based on real life case studies upon which we based our discussions and interactions.

The experience at the FIDIc Conference was thrilling as I got to meet members from my team as well as those from the other two teams. The sessions went on for three days in Seoul as we covered all the case topics guided by our three mentors and course coordinator. The sessions were eye opening and beneficial as they covered issues concerning us; the young consultants.

The entire course was eye opening and engaging. I gained a lot especially from the cultural diversity of the team. To crown it all, the face to face interactions are an experience that will live in my memory forever. I believe I have been made a better manager by participating and I am eager to implement everything I have learnt.”.

Particular to my interest was the way the issue of corruption and business integrity were handled as this is a big problem in Uganda.
— Musinguzi Begumisa