Meet former participants

During FIDIC YPMTP the participants get to know each other and build a strong network.
We are proud to present some of the feedbacks we received over the years.


Benedicta 2.jpg

I would recommend it

The climax of the training for me was the future leader’s workshop where I got
the opportunity to be one of the speakers to present the work of the entire group.
I believe the impact the class of 2013 made at the conference would forever be in the record books of FIDIC.

Benedicta O. Acherekoh

Ahmed Stifi_Pass.jpg

transforming knowledge

I can’t say enough about YPMTP and its role in reforming my way of thinking, which had an important role in developing my career. The training course takes one in a Journey inside FIDIC and clarifies that FIDIC isn’t only “Contracts” but rather, FIDIC is built on Quality, Integrity and Sustainability. 

Ahmed Stifi


international networking

YPMTP in 2015, was the best training course I ever attended. In addition to acquiring valuable knowledge in management, I managed to build new connections and networks on
an international level and I met public figures in the engineering Industry. 

Mohammad Juaidi

One of the best trainings

When I came back from YPMTP in Dubai, most of my coworkers asked the same question to me, “How did the training go?” My first and spontaneous response was, “Great! One of the best trainings I’ve ever attended!”

Meiti Kramadibrata

eye opening and engaging

The entire course was eye opening and engaging. I gained a lot especially from the cultural diversity of the team.  I believe I have been made a better manager by participating and I am eager to implement everything I have learnt.

Musinguzi Begumisa

Thank you all

 Not knowing what to expect we went head first into a new adventure, and what an adventure it was. The mentors team and the main guru Mr Steen Frederiksen surpassed our expectations, and what we learned will stay with us for years and years to come.

Louis de Waal