The YPMTP Story

The course draws on FIDIC senior experts with decades of experience in the consulting industry. 



The Young Professionals Management Training Programme was created by Steen Frederiksen as member of the Organizing Committee of FRI (the Danish Member Association) in 2003 in connection with preparations for the FIDIC Conference 2004.

The key objective was to attract young engineers (YPs) to the conference by creating discussion fora among the YPs and with the senior attendees of the conference. This was combined with a preceding virtual management course to create interactive discussion and a learning forum on the internet.

Following the first successful year, FIDIC offered to host the programme, and it has been the biggest and most successful of all FIDIC virtual courses lasting 16 years and having involved and introduced more than 670 YPs to the annual FIDIC conference. Every year a new team of more than 40 YPs join the Conference together with some past YPMTP participants contributing to the rejuvenation of FIDIC.

The basic text book has been the FIDIC Guide to Practice. In addition, the programme has over time received invaluable support from Mentors in developing discussion issues and guiding the students.

In 2004 the Chairman of the Mentor Board was Ben Novak assisted by Fatma Cölasan, M.R. Meghji, Eigil Steen Pedersen, Yoshihiko Yamashita. Other Mentors have since been Kunji Akinaga, Richard Stump, Dick Kell, Bayo Adeola, Maxime Mazloum, Robin Crouch, Felix Fongoqa, Andrew Steeves and Michele Kruger. The longest serving and over the years most active has been Ben Novak, the YPs and YPMTP owe special thanks to him.

SteeN Frederiksen

Coordinator FIDIC YPMTP/Certified FIDIC Trainer &
Managing Director of SF-Consult.

M.Sc . Technical University of Denmark and AMP INSEAD France.

Steen Frederiksen contributed to the launch of the first FIDIC Young Professionals Management Training Programme in 2004 and has since been coordinating the programme as the first virtual FIDIC training. Further, he developed some of the FIDIC online contract training modules. Past International Director of Carl Bro Group, now SWECO Denmark and Rambøll. He has Extensive international consulting experience in more than 40 countries in Africa, Far- and Middle-East and East Asia.